Nokia UK aims to increase enterprise share to 20% by end of 2013

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UK trade industry publication, Mobile Magazine, reports that Nokia UK is aiming to double its share of the business to business (b2b / enterprise) market. Nokia's director of business sales for UK and Europe, Adrian Williams, is quoted saying that Nokia's "share with Windows Phone has grown from 0% to 11.5% in the last 18 months" and that the company aims to be "reach 20% by the end of 2013". This would leave Nokia in the number two position in terms of market share.

Mobile Magazine goes on to report that in order to achieve this growth Nokia is continuing its "aggressive drive into the b2b arena" and is planning to launch a £1 digital business marketing campaign this week:

The campaign, tagged ‘Nokia Lumia: designed for life, built for business’, will target b2b managers responsible for their companies’ mobile strategy. It will focus on educating businesses in how Nokia Lumia phones can interact with other Microsoft office applications such as Device Management, Lync, SharePoint, OneNote, Exchange, Company Hub and SkyDrive.

The UK public sector is seen as one potential area for growth, following on from the recent release of UK government guidance on the use of the Windows Phone 8 platform for public sector BYOD (bring your own device) schemes. Mobile Magazine notes that the public sector is important because it makes up "25% of the UK business sector".


Nokia's UK and Europe head, Connor Pierce, is also quoted in the piece, commenting on Nokia's recent and potential future performance in the enterprise space:

"We have been pushing on this door for two years and in the last six months those doors have never been more widely open with enterprises contacting us and operators, distributors and dealers all keen to drive our agenda. They see the huge opportunities on offer because of the seamless integration as well as the support and integrated services we offer."

The UK has been of the best performing markets for Windows Phone, with 12 out of every 100 smartphones sold in the UK in the last three months running on Microsoft's mobile platform, according to the latest data from Kantar. Nokia seem confident that number will grow in the last quarter of the year, and with BlackBerry's well documented issues, the enterprise arena will be a key area of focus.

Source / Credit: Mobile Magazine