Video capture split-screen text: Lumia 1020 vs the rest

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Although rather restricted and unscientific in scope, there's an interesting four-way split-screen video test embedded below, by TechPP, shooting the same walk on the Nokia Lumia 1020, running Windows Phone, and the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. The Lumia's output is markedly better throughout - I've included some notes and caveats below.

Here's the video, you'll definitely want to make this full-screen and 'up' the quality to 1080p in order to make any sense of the comparison:

There are so many caveats here that it's difficult to know where to start. That the Nokia Lumia 1020 wins out here isn't exactly news - the 1020 has a bigger sensor, bigger optics and better OIS. And the tester didn't even touch the PureView zoom facilities...

So your conclusion, looking at the footage, will be about right, though in fairness note:

  • even though this seemed to be more a test of stabilisation than anything else, we don't know what software stabilisation schemes were or weren't turned on in the other three devices.
  • it's not clear how clean the camera glass was on any of the devices.
  • the person shooting the demo, when panning, panned far too fast and the test frequently descends into pixel blur rather than being a test of stabilisation per se.

Still, a neat idea. You may remember I did a side by side video capture test with the Blackberry Q10 a while back, as part of our review coverage? Plus the AAS video capture comparison with the Nokia 808 PureView? Definitely scope here for more such tests, but with a more experienced hand at the tiller.

Source / Credit: Techpp