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Pepper is a live music discovery web service that lets you share and discover local music gigs in your own circle of friends. Unique about Pepper is that its data is sourced from venues around the UK (and soon to be the USA too), rather than promoters, so information is more accurate than in other gig discovery systems.

In essence, Pepper is a social network to improve your live music experience, from the discovery process and finding out if your friends are free to join you, to sharing the events and experiences online.

Pepper's Windows Phone 8 client lets you...

  • Check-in at events
  • Share photos and shout from events
  • Connect and share with your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Search 1000s of gigs and club nights by date and location
  • Track events in your calendar
  • View event details including info on the venues, artists and promoters
  • Purchase tickets from our ticketing partners (for certain events)
  • Invite friends to events you're attending
  • View your friend's activity
  • Track your favourite artists, venues and promoter.
  • View your friend's favourites and calendar

 Pepper Pepper

While Lumia users have the Gig Search functionality in the Nokia Music app, Pepper takes that experience and makes it two way. Which of course is one of the joys of live music over an MP3.

Sign in to Pepper can be through a dedicated login or via Facebook, which (in theory) makes things easy. The latter does mean that Pepper may post details, with your knowledge, of gigs you're attending, but then this is part of the social experience. Slightly galling is that, even if you sign in through Facebook, you're also asked to create a Pepper account as part of the start up process.

Here's a brief walkthrough of Pepper in action:

Screenshot, PepperScreenshot, Pepper

Logging in using a dedicated (free) Pepper account; (right) Search is front and foremost, with this form also offering (if you tap on the first field)...

Screenshot, PepperScreenshot, Pepper

... a multi-touch radius of interest control. Just expand or contract this as needed! (Right) search matches, sorted by distance from current location

Screenshot, PepperScreenshot, Pepper

Digging through to an event offers  various reminder and sharing options, along with 'check in' on the night...

Screenshot, PepperScreenshot, Pepper

There's also a link-up to buy tickets for an event, albeit by spawning out to Internet Explorer. There's a small kick-back to Pepper, which is how the application is monetised.

Pepper is available for Windows 8 and iPhone as well as Windows Phone 8. The mobile client is a free download and you can find it via the AAWP App Directory.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory