Nokia Camera update brings photo-saving fixes

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Last week's launch of Nokia Camera wasn't without glitches, in that a SkyDrive-related bug crept in to prevent photo reframing from working properly from the Camera Roll. Plus, others have had issues with photos and videos not being saved properly. Today sees a fix now available in the Store, taking Nokia Camera from v4.2.2.8 to v4.3.0.6.

Reframing from Camera roll now works properly, thankfully. The next big update to Nokia Camera will probably be as part of the Nokia Black roll-out, with teased improvements in image quality due to tighter integration of the Windows Phone OS with the Lumia 1020's camera hardware.


From Camera roll, you can now successfully tap on the 'Nokia Camera' link to open up the image...


...and then reframe to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge that the changes will be properly saved.

Anyway, go grab Nokia Camera here now, it works on the Lumia 1020, 925 and 920.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store