Nokia Camera gets an update across all top-end Lumias

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Nokia Camera, the company's much acclaimed all-in-one camera application for the top end Lumia devices, has got an update today, available in the Store now (search for 'Nokia Camera' and you'll be offered it, if you're not automatically), taking the app from v4.3.0.6 to v4.3.0.9. 

There's no changelog, and normally we wouldn't post a news item for such a small update but.... this is Nokia Camera and if any image processing improvements or bug fixes help you get a better photograph of that priceless moment then we're all for it.

The update is 12MB and installs in seconds. Low light and flash photographs seem even better than before and without the 'yellowish' cast that was often present. Comments welcome if you can spot anything else new or different. Also, is it just me, or is startup time slightly faster now?

The previous update brought in file saving fixes, you may remember - and that was less than two weeks ago, so the Nokia Camera team is obviously working to a fairly fast schedule. Which is not surprisingly given the 1020's flagship status still and with the 1520 about to appear internationally.

Screenshot, Nokia Camera