The Nokia Lumia 1020 makes Time Magazine's Top 10 Gadgets

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It may only have sneaked into Time Magazine's prestigious Top 10 Gadgets and placed lower than the only other smartphone in the list, the Apple iPhone 5S, but the presence of a Windows Phone in this completely American view of tech shouldn't be ignored. Even if the Lumia 1020's hardware prowess is the reason that the device is in the list in the first place...

From the Top 10 Gadgets list:

10. Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

Every modern wireless phone is a cameraphone, but this Lumia is something new: a phonecamera. Its oversized sensor packs 41 megapixels of resolution; you can capture the most detailed phone snapshots you’ve ever seen, and zoom in without reducing your pictures to a blocky mess. (You have to download the high-res versions to a computer via USB cable, but it’s worth the effort.) Even iPhone and Android fans who thought they couldn’t care less about Windows Phones might find themselves smitten with this one.

Great to have some recognition in the USA for this imaging powerhouse, even if the '41 megapixels' tag is turning into something of a blessing and a curse for Nokia. On the one hand, it's mind-boggling enough to get everyone's attention, on the other hand, no one really seems to understand that:

  • you can't easily USE all 41 megapixels (the underlying 'full resolution' images are 34MP or 38MP, depending on aspect ratio)
  • normal output is a manageable 5MP (but with the flexibility to zoom later, downsampling from the original 34/38MP image)

So, in this case, Harry 'gets' the idea about zooming in without loss of quality, but he fixates unnecessarily on the 'high-res' versions of images, something which the normal user never needs to worry about - these should be considered part of the workings of the device and 99.99% of 1020 users will never hook up 'via USB cable' in order to try and siphon these 38MP/15MB images off.

Still, good to see recognition for the Lumia 1020, a very special piece of technology and a spearhead for Windows Phone - even in the USA!

Source / Credit: Time