Lumia 625 rated as 'recommended' by The Phones Show

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With my (Steve's) cross-platform hat on, I also produce The Phones Show every fortnight, with a Windows Phone starring in show 216. I liked the Lumia 625 more than I thought I would, as it turned out, with the display tech used being just about the only real downside of a 4.7"-screened smartphone at £150 on pay-as-you-go (in the UK). The full show is embedded below, for your convenience, with the Lumia 625 section starting at about the minute mark.

As usual with embedded videos, you may want to increase the resolution and playback window to suit:

The Phones Show is fortnightly and can be found here, with an RSS feed for its 720p MP4 version, for podcatchers.

My verdict was a 'recommend' for your kids, parents and technophobe friends. In fact, it's hard to think of a better 'my first smartphone' for them.

See also our full AAWP review of the Lumia 625.

Source / Credit: The Phones Show