2flicka gets another significant update, adds video support

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In the absence of a decent official alternative, 2flicka is all the Windows Phone world has for good Flickr integration - which is why we feature its major updates, e.g. v1.2 adding a dark theme and auto-uploads. In this case v1.3 adds video support - not exactly core to Flickr's original concept, but seemingly the way things are going. Full changelog below.

What’s new for 2flicka v1.3 (over v1.2):

  • Added video capture
  • Added video upload (only videos captured within the app)
  • Added video playback for uploaded videos
  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Fixed sharing from phone picture hub
  • Added upload resume when app is sent to background and back to foreground again

I still find 2flicka's UI and hierarchy somewhat confusing, with (for example) 'Share' buried in a menu inside an individual photo's 'Details' overview. And it's ridiculously easy to get lost in the structure and exit 2flicka and have to keep launching it again. But the application does work, if you persevere:

Screenshot, 2flicka updateScreenshot, 2flicka update

A dedicated 'video upload' pane in the UI lets you record a video and upload it directly - ignore the misleading 'gallery' menu item though - there's no way to upload a previously taken video, due to Windows Phone restrictions, sadly.

Screenshot, 2flicka updateScreenshot, 2flicka update

An uploaded video in my stream, though with a default thumbnail only until Flickr itself has processed the file and provided a graphic (this happens after a few minutes); tapping this brings up the screen shown, with one more tap playing the video locally.

Hampered by OS restrictions and by its own piecemeal development, 2flicka is still my Flickr client of choice because it's the only one. Nokia or Microsoft, please throw some money Flickr's (Yahoo's ) way to nudge the development of an official client that can match (say) the excellent official Twitter client.

2flicka can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. The app costs £1.29 / €0.99 / $0.99, and a trial version is available.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store