Easy Lumia (hardware) battery reset demonstrated, plus screen replacement

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Aha, LE55ONS on YouTube just got himself a Lumia 1020. That can only mean one thing - disassembly! In the video embedded below, he demonstrates how to replace the phone's display, should it ever get damaged, but I was also interested to see how trivial it was to lever off a small connector and then reseat it again in order to physically disconnect the battery, i.e. the equivalent of 'pulling the battery' in a device for which this is possible.

As you can guess from the video below and the layout of components, actually getting to the battery in the Lumia 1020 is extremely tricky - maybe a subject for a future LE55ONS video, for the really, really brave. But it's good to know that effecting a battery 'reset' is trivial, anyway, and this may get someone out of trouble, should the various Windows Phone key combinations not work.

Here's the video, anyway, showing how to open the 1020 and replace the display.

Two other points of note. I was interested to see all the little foam pads, designed to hold some of the innards of the phone in place if the device is dropped - presumably these were added at the late prototype testing stage, in response to failures when connectors popped off. Also, LE55ONS mentions at the end that a factory reset of the device also resets the screen digitiser calibration, so perhaps this information might be useful to someone in the future too?

Great stuff, and his videos are so well done. Subscribe to LE55ONS's channel here.

Source / Credit: LE55ONS