2flicka gets another significant update, adds notifications, plus UI overhaul

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Despite now being owned by 'Yahoo!' and despite web UI and usage changes, Flickr remains the best of a bad bunch in terms of Internet hosting of photos you're proud of, preserving full resolution in most cases - and now the only decent Windows Phone client for Flickr just got a lot better. 2flicka here adds notifications, a fairly large UI overhaul and bug fixes galore.

From the description, here's the changelog for v1.4.0 (from the previously reported v1.3):

  • Notifications added
  • Live tiles fixed
  • Added notes to photos
  • Main page redesigned to reduce the number of tabs
  • Photo viewer redesigned to avoid duplicate actions
  • Re-Flickr support added
  • Context menu added on all photos
  • Bug fixes

Here's the new version of 2flicka in action:

2flicka screenshot2flicka screenshot

At each turn, 2flicka manages to present a refreshed UI. These two views are just two of half a dozen panorama views, though the usual 'bit peeking out from the side' Windows Phone style is eschewed....

2flicka screenshot2flicka screenshot

Support for Flickr notifications is new and very welcome - turns out a few people quite like my photos after all...! (right) Also new is support for adding detailed notes to a photo....

2flicka screenshot2flicka screenshot

Typing a note up (or pasting in from somewhere else), but keeping it short for now; (right) and here's the note, in place on Flickr....

2flicka screenshot2flicka screenshot

Why photographers love Flickr - all that juicy EXIF data is preserved and accessible! (right) a simple icon-based UI for all photos - though it will take you a while to memorise what they each do, since there's no tooltip help!

2flicka can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. The app costs £1.29 / €0.99 / $0.99, and a trial version is available.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store