Countryside and burning candles time lapses showcase Lumia 1020 capabilities

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Last week we shared a stunning high resolition (68MP) panorama created by Olivier Noirhomme using the Nokia Lumia 1020. This week we want to share a couple of Oliver's time lapse videos, also captured using Nokia's imaging flagship. The first shows time passing over a number of countryside landscape schemes, while the second is a close-up shot of burning candles.

It is recommend that you watch the videos in full HD resolution in order to be able to appreciate the full quality of the Lumia 1020 capture.

It's this kind of creation that showcases the capabilities of the Lumia 1020. There are a lot of great cameraphone devices on the market and for a lot of use cases it's hard to pick one over the other. Go to the edge though, and the differences become more apparent. Time lapse videos are on example of this because they can be tricky to capture with a good level of detail, especially in changing lighting conditions.

Here's the second time lapse video, "melting and burning", which also offers a showcase for the Lumia 1020's video macro capabilities:

You can see further example's of Oliver's work on his blog and YouTube channel.

If you've got your own Lumia camera related creative work to share let us know in the comments, by email, or on Twitter (@AA_WP) and we'll feature it here on the site, or on one of our social media channels.