'Zoom Reinvented Panorama' - jaw dropping detail from the Lumia 1020 (again)

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Having spoken of Nokia's high megapixel sensors in the past and having shown off the underlying detail in applications like Sozoom, it shouldn't perhaps be surprising that someone takes the 'zoom reinvented' demo to the next level. In this case three or four Lumia 1020 photos, stitched into a 68MP panorama and then small sections picked out, Sozoom style, to show jaw dropping detail.

Credit goes to Olivier Noirhomme, the guy who put this together using a trial Lumia 1020 (hey, Nokia, hint: just let him keep it, if he's going to do stuff like this). Shooting photos and then using the full resolution JPGs, stitching them together with Microsoft ICE, he ended up with a 68MP, 17267*3981 resolution panorama, found here at www.flickr.com/photos/nicepureview/11709693694 and reproduced below in lower resolution to give you an idea:

1000 pixel version of the Zoom Reinvented Panorama

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, the second crop from the right does indeed show an animal - a horse. A MILE away. True, it's not very large or distinct, but for a phone camera (with no moving zoom optics, obviously) to be able to spot an animal at all at a range of a mile is very impressive.

You can view all sizes of this example (right up to 17,000 by 6,500!) here.

This same level of photo detail is available without stitching, of course, as part of the PureView 'Zoom Reinvented' system in the Lumia 1020 - just swipe your finger up the screen at capture time and snap away. Or use the Sozoom utility afterwards.


Olivier's a talented guy, see also two time lapses he did with the 1020:

Melting & Burning (macro and zooms): 

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A Day :

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Plus here’s Olivier's Flickr album.

Source / Credit: Flickr