Archos and Windows Phone? 'When the time is right'

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The CEO of France-based Archos, makers of a number of consumer electronic devices and Android smartphones, has said in an interview that the company will launch a Windows Phone handset 'when the time is right'. 

From Trusted Reviews comes:

Despite the Windows Phone OS having seen its share of the smartphone sector dramatically rise during the past 12 months, Nokia remains the primary supplier of Windows Phone handsets, with the likes of Samsung and HTC reducing their support of the platform.

Now, however, Archos has confirmed it is looking at joining the Windows Phone race, a move rival budget handset makers Alcatel and ZTE have also confirmed they are considering.

“We will launch a Windows Phone handset when the time is right,” Archos CEO Loic Poirier said speaking exclusively with TrustedReviews.

Although adding that the company sees the Windows Phone market as now mature enough to enter following a number of years of gradual growth, Poirier has said Archos will retain Android as its primary focus for its smartphone and tablet efforts.

Speaking on how the company will split its resources between the two operating systems, the Archos head added: “Before anything else we are focussed on Google.”

Archos has been a pioneer in the portable audio and video player market over the past decade, but now specialises in Android Tablets and Smartphones.

'When the time is right' is an extremely nebulous phrase, of course. "Mummy, can I have a puppy?" a child might ask. "When the time is right" replies the parent, thinking 'that'll be never, but it will keep the child happy until they forget about the desire altogether'. Or, of course, there could be a plan for a puppy in place but patience will be required until it all unfolds in the fulness of time.

The time does seem right for more entrants into Windows Phone in 2014, mind you. The operating system used for new devices this year will be Windows Phone 8.1 ('Blue') and this is reportedly very mature in terms of interface and functionality. In a market which is now perhaps over familiar with iOS and Android, the tile front end and interface of Windows Phone still looks fresh and underused.

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Source / Credit: Trusted Reviews