Big MetroMail (Gmail) update adds custom notifications, SkyDrive support, and more

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No apologies for mentioning MetroMail yet again - effectively the Gmail client for Windows Phone. Yes, we only reviewed it a few weeks ago, but this, version 1.4 released today, is a major update with extensive changelog, quoted below. Recommended for anyone else with a big email-shaped foot in the Google ecosystem.

Heres the changelog for v1.4 since the version of MetroMail we reviewed

  • New: Added ability to select a custom notification sound for each account (GDR3 only)
  • New: SkyDrive support for sending attachments
  • New: Memory optimizations for low-memory devices
  • New: Recently received emails are downloaded every 30 mins in the background (requires fast connection)
  • New: Added notification prompt for new categorized emails
  • New: It is now possible to refresh labels by shaking your device
  • Update: UI improvements
  • Update: Improved speed and stability when opening large threads
  • Fix: A prompt for re-authorizing an account no longer resets any custom label configuration
  • Fix: Automatic refreshing is now correctly triggered when the app is launched from a notification
  • Fix: The "Download entire message" is now working again
  • Fix: Resolved issue with Message IDs and email replies

Terrific stuff, here's MetroMail in action:

Screenshot, MetroMailScreenshot, MetroMail

Getting started, a super idea to show each user the changelog if they would like to see it....

Screenshot, MetroMailScreenshot, MetroMail

As usual, you have to get used to the reading and rich browse modes for each email, depending on whether you want to zoom into rich content or not...

Screenshot, MetroMailScreenshot, MetroMail

The custom sound for each Gmail account is here in Settings - and greyed out because I've only got one Gmail account right now; (right) attachments can now be selected from SkyDrive as well as from local image storage...

One glitch was that MetroMail crashed (for me) when actually trying to select a file in my SkyDrive - I'm sure this will be stomped on quickly by the developer. Comments welcome as to how reliable this feature is for you!

This bug aside, MetroMail is turning into one of the kingpins of the Windows Phone ecosystem and possibly the best £1.29 (or local equivalent) any of you will spend this year.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store