Samsung Story Album debuts for the ATIV S

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Samsung, perhaps stung a little by Nokia Storyteller, has created a new way of viewing and organising your captured photos on the ATIV S - Story Album is new, though currently exclusive to only Samsung Windows Phone devices.

From the very minimalist Store description:

Create albums of your daily events
Keep your special moments in one place using your timeline
Your treasured memories will always be with you

Not much of a description, is it? In fact, there's nothing obvious to recommend this app over the built-in Windows Phone Photos hub based on this. Interestingly, Samsung already had Family Story (mentioned in our ATIV S review here), but Nokia's afforts with Nokia Storyteller clearly struck a bell with Samsung and Story Album is the result:

Screenshot, Story AlbumScreenshot, Story Album

Various 'abum' views of captured photos, with descriptions for both albums and (optionally) photos themselves....

Screenshot, Story AlbumScreenshot, Story Album

Opening up an album in Story Album

Screenshot, Story AlbumScreenshot, Story Album

Most of the hard work is done for you in terms of interesting magazine-style layouts for your thumbnails on the page - assuming this is what you want; (right) photos can still be viewed full-screen, of course.

ATIV S owners can grab Story Album in the Windows Phone Store here. It's not available for non-Samsung devices - naturally!

PS. Here's Rafe's look at Nokia's Storyteller - I doubt we've seen the last attempt at presenting captured photos in interesting ways. Comments welcome - I tend to stick to the standard and very efficient Photos/Camera roll gallery! 

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store