PureView imaging in Barcelona?

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It seems that Nokia's obsession with Microsoft-experience Android handsets at MWC 2014 in Barcelona precludes any mention of the company's high end imaging technology - apparently the word 'PureView' (or is that two words?) and the phrase 'Zoom Reinvented' were nowhere to be seen on Nokia's stands and at its presentations. But fear not, for there was stunning evidence of PureView and the Lumia 1020 in Barcelona...

The evidence was solely in the hands of all those taking photos with their (usually bright yellow) Lumia 1020s though. In this case, specifically, Marc from the PureView Club web site:

Well, I tried to get my hands on the Nokia Lumia Icon once more, but I failed. There’s not much PureView news coming from the Mobile Congress this year – in fact, the Nokia 808 PureView was the only time there was PureView news coming from Barcelona.

Even stranger, you will find all kinds of typical Nokia things promoted (from Refocus to Storyteller, Nokia Here et cetera) but you won’t find the word PureView anywhere. There’s even no #ZoomReinvented to be found either. It’s remarkable, really, but many people from Nokia didn’t seem to realize it themselves.

In this post I’ll be sharing some of the PureView shots I captured in Barcelona with the Nokia Lumia 1020, most of them captured last Sunday, wandering through Barcelona with a friend. I made a strict selection of the shots I think are actually worth sharing. 

In fact, some of Marc's Lumia 1020-shot photos are stunning. In particular:

A fantastic wall painting.


And to conclude: I think one of the most beautiful shots I ever got from the Nokia Lumia 1020. Shot at night, at 1/10 sec and ISO 800. It’s not completely sharp, but without a tripod, I’m not complaining…


The full resolution photos are over on Marc's Flickr account, along with a few other 1020-shot photos of the city.

It does seem as though plenty of attendees at Mobile World Congress had Lumia 1020s though - this was a quick scene at the Samsung Galaxy S5 launch, for example, Nokia's 'bright yellow' strategy with the 1020, along with the huge black camera island and the 'grip' accessory, makes 1020-spotting the easiest thing in the world!

I think Nokia's omission of high end imaging (and Windows Phone) talk was intentional - the timing is simply wrong (BUILD in April is when things will ramp up again). Nokia was desperate to get its message about the new low end Android X range out, with maximum impact - not least to Microsoft, to enforce the impression that Nokia really, really wants the buyout to complete. It remains to be seen how much a bludgeoning tool the X range turns out to be and how much a serious effort to fill gaps in some developing markets. Probably both?

Source / Credit: PureView Club