The Nokia Lumia 1320 phablet video review - take 2!

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You'll have seen Rafe's video review of the Lumia 1320 'phablet' here already, plus you'll have read my textual review of the device on AAWP here. But if you still want more 1320 goodness, then see Phones Show 223, embedded below - the first eight minutes is all Lumia!

From the review's conclusion:

There’s the usual impressive Windows Phone application set, from HERE Drive with offline maps, to Nokia Mixradio, to the full Office suite, to OneNote and a myriad smaller utilities. Plus a third party ecosystem which is more or less fully fleshed out now, in 2014.

In all, the 1320 should by rights be a huge hit then, in terms of value for money. I criticised Windows Phone 8 on the Lumia 1520 for not being optimised very well for the large 1080p screen, but somehow the 720p display on the 1320 seems to work better - it’s certainly easy on older eyes like mine, so long as you don’t want to try and find space for it in small pockets or actually, you know, carry it around all the time.

At which point it’s evident that this is a direct competitor to that other budget phablet that I also reviewed recently, the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. In fact, the specifications are almost identical from screen to battery to size to connectivity to storage - it’s *uncanny*. At which point it comes down to a slightly smoother UI and fewer third party applications - on the 1320 - or a UI that starts to get a bit laggy and more app choice - on the Mega 6.3. Or simply down to your own personal preference of smartphone OS and cloud services - Microsoft or Google.

Assuming you wanted a device this huge in the first place, of course.

After all this review coverage, you'll have gained a pretty good picture of the Lumia 1320 - comments welcome from anyone who's picked one up. What price did you pay and how are you faring so far? Is it a main device or performing more general family duties, perhaps?

Source / Credit: The Phones Show