Windows Phone app for Windows 8 updated to support latest version of Windows Phone

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Microsoft has updated its Windows Phone app for Windows 8, with the release note stating that the app now "supports the latest version of Windows Phone". The is presumably a reference to Windows Phone 8.1, which Microsoft is expected to officially announce later today. There are no obvious change in the app, but support for Windows Phone 8.1 means the app is likely to support greater flexibility for the destination (i.e. location) of content files being copied to/from connected devices.

The Windows Phone app for Windows 8 app, which is used to copy content to and from a Windows Phone 8 devices, is best suited to those with a laptop or tablet running Windows RT, but can also be used by those Windows 8 users who want a Modern app style Windows Phone companion app. Other Windows 8 users mat prefer to opt for the desktop app, or a third party alternative.

Windows Store release notes:

Windows Phone app now supports the latest version of Windows Phone.

The updated app can be downloaded from the Windows Store and is available for Windows 8 and Windows RT. It is one of three desktop companion apps that Microsoft provides for Windows Phone 8. The others are the Windows Phone app for Desktop (available for Windows 7 and Windows 8), and the Windows Phone app for Mac that works with Mac computers and integrates with iTunes.