Nokia Video Upload gains wider support, support for longer videos

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Nokia Video Upload is, in the absence of an official YouTube client, absolutely the best way to upload your captured content to YouTube - and today brings an update to v2.0, with wider device support (including the new/imminent 8.1 phones) and the ability to upload longer videos.

You'll know if your phone isn't supported because the application won't be shown as available when you try and download it! For most AAWP readers this won't be the case though.

Version 2.0's changelog in the Store is short and sweet:

New in this version:
- Support for more devices
- Upload longer videos (up to 15 minutes)

Oddly, we were under the impression that up to 15 minutes was already possible, but I guess Nokia's programmers must know the score better than us!

Here's how we described Nokia Video Upload when we first wrote about the app:

What's especially noteworthy about the Nokia Video Upload app is that it allows the upload of any video created on the phone. Simply select a video in the photos+video app and choose the YouTube Upload option via Windows Phone's standard sharing framework. Background uploads are not currently supported, and larger clips must be uploaded over WiFi rather than cellular data, but it does get the job done.



You can download Nokia Video Upload here. The requirement to upload only in the foreground is still there, unfortunately. You'll be prompted by the application to hang around, etc.

Also of note is that, when signing into YouTube, if you have Google 2-step authentication turned on, your verification code will come through to Messaging, but the very act of viewing this code takes you from the login process and you have to start again. However, the trick is that the code doesn't change within a short time period, so note it anyway and then log-in again and this time just type in the verification code from the previous attempt, it should work.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store