Podcast Lounge gains better 8.1 compatibility, plus transparent live tile

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Yes, yes, I only reported on a major update for Podcast Lounge two weeks ago, but it just got updated again, this time bringing in better compatibility with Windows Phone 8.1 (that most AAWP readers are now sporting), including a transparent live tile and fixes for various platform issues (i.e. things Microsoft changed in the update).

The full changelog for Podcast Lounge v2.1.1, over and above v2.1, that we featured here recently, is:

  • Fixed exception bug where the status line being empty caused a null reference exception (EpisodeStatusPanelStr)
  • Added some additional helper text within the playlist editor interface to confirm that the limit routine is “and” not “or”
  • IsoStorageSpace check was returning Kb instead of Mb
  • Centralised the IsoSettings function so we can trap exceptions due to out-of-memory errors
  • Addressed bug where advanced player controls wouldn’t appear if the image hadn’t loaded
  • Fixed bug wtih EpisodeDetails indexoutofrange bug
  • Fixed issue with minutes sometimes being presented as >60 in episodes view (Windows Weekly)
  • Added function to present today/yesterday text in place of dates
  • Added updated flurry analytics module
  • Video player slide gesture still enabled in landscape mode
  • Added IconicTiles with transparency for WP8 and WP8.1 for downloads, playlists and main programme tile + store icons (test)
  • Added download counter to tile
  • Addressed 8.1 exception (Coding4Fun Popup exception)
  • The cut-over code dealing with duplicate titles now considers tokens, not just downloads

The items in bold represent new functionality, albeit partly in test form, screenshotted here:

Screenshot, Podcast LoungeScreenshot, Podcast Lounge

The new live tile, bottom right, showing the number of downloads in total - maybe the total new episodes from (say) the last week might make more sense? (right) Note the 'Today' and 'Yesterday' annotations, for those of us who have difficulty in remembering today's actual date!

The world of podcatchers on Windows Phone is now insanely populated and competitive, recently added to by the third party Podcast2Go and the Microsoft-penned Podcasts application that's built into Windows Phone 8.1. In truth, any of half a dozen products are now good enough for the vast majority of users, but I'd still peg Podcast Lounge as top of the heap, which is why I keep reporting on updates (helped by the developer's openness with regard to changelogs!)

You can grab Podcast Lounge here in the Windows Phone Store.

Comments welcome. Is this still your favourite podcatcher for Windows Phone?

Source / Credit: Igneous Software