LG's return to Windows Phone leaked, with Uni8 phablet?

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Most industry leaks have dubious credibility, but when @evleaks posts a photo of a new device it's pretty much a shoe-in that such a device will be announced in due course. In this case it's the MWC-teased return to Windows Phone of LG, with a device named the 'Uni8', which sounds more like the actual product name than the codename.

Here's the evleaks tweet:

LG Uni8 (no sushi), 2014 [via tip]

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So short and sweet then, but eminently believable. Everything seems right about this, from the timing (post-MWC, and post Windows Phone 8.1 availability) to the tech detail (three-wide tiles, virtual OS controls, no camera shutter button).

Although no specifications have been leaked (yet), the photo does suggest a 'phablet' of some kind and I'd put money on this coming in at the same size as the Nokia Lumia 1520, with perhaps a 6" screen. LG makes a number of other devices of this size in the Android world, plus it does seem (along with the budget demographic) to be something of a growth market.

Nokia, as we saw in our review, didn't optimise Windows Phone completely for the large screened 1520, but we'd expect things to be rounded out better when Windows Phone 8.1 hits production handsets over the next few months (starting with the Lumia 630, of course).

Component quality will be the main differentiator here and it's fair to say that LG won't be able to get close to the specification of the Lumia 1520, though the price point may be substantially lower - watch this space.