ITV Player arrives, impresses (once you get past the ads!)

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Catch-up TV over the Internet is now utterly ubiquitous on the desktop. Moreover, it's becoming so on the smartphone too, with the latest addition to Windows Phone's arsenal being an official ITV Player, offering the UK's five commercial 'ITV' channels. 

From the Store description:

ITV Player offers live TV and 30 days' free catch up for all the shows you know and love. Whether you want to catch up on our Soaps or watch that latest Drama everyone has been talking about, ITV has something to offer everyone from ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and CITV.

It's pretty slick too, with the obvious caveat that ITV is a commercial set of channels and that there are a number of 30 second adverts before each programme - and, on a mobile device, they're even more intrusive. In contrast, the BBC's iPlayer is all funded by UK residents' annual license fees and so has no ads whatsoever.

ITV Player is very slickly programmed, with some imaginative transitions and graphical embellishment across the usual Windows Phone panorama:

Screenshot, ITV PlayerScreenshot, ITV Player

It's perhaps fair to say the content on ITV is more 'populist' than other channels in the UK, but from 'Don't miss' to chronological to alphabetic listings to programme search, ITV Player is very comprehensive.

Screenshot, ITV PlayerScreenshot, ITV Player

Drilling down to an individual programme; (right) 'Most watched', with a peek of something colourful off to the right...

Screenshot, ITV Player

All programmes play in landscape but are preceded with multiple 30 second adverts, as here...

Screenshot, ITV PlayerScreenshot, ITV Player

The alphabetic listings are particularly well done, with thumbnails; (right) the colourful channel picker - why has no one else experimented with panoramas with shading and/or non-straight boundaries? Novel and cool!

You can download ITV Player for free here in the Store for all Windows Phone 8.0 and above devices. Comments welcome if this works outside the UK, by the way. 

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store