Sozoom gets nudge controller and better quality

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Sozoom is significant in the Windows Phone world not for what it is - something of a novelty - but what it demonstrates is possible - that third party applications have access to the underlying full resolution JPGs on the Nokia 1020 and 1520 PureView zoom cameras. In this case, access is used to show off the detail in the higher resolution versions, in cute 'bubble' format. In this latest set of updates, there are both UI and image quality improvements.

Yes, Sozoom's a bit of a novelty unless you're a hardcore PureView geek, but what the heck, it's still very cool. Here's what's new for the latest v1.9.2.24, since the last time we featured Sozoom:

  • Add zoom position controller
  • Performance and quality improvement
  • Improved multiple balloons saving.
  • Better handling of portrait photos.
  • New photo loading algorithm, solves the no-photo problem for some devices.
  • Report error in the photo selection page appbar (requires internet connection), report back to us if photo's not being loaded.

The utility is billed as:

Reinvent how you share the supersize image taken with your Nokia Lumia 1020 & 1520 to the social network. Simply add the small or big "Zoom Balloon" to let your friends see how closer you are with your Lumia 1020 & 1520.

Of course, we can add the Lumia Icon and 930 to that list too now! Here's the new version of Sozoom in action:

Screenshot, Sozoom

The main Sozoom interface doing its thing - showing underlying 34MP detail...

Screenshot, Sozoom

The new 'controller', effectively a way of 'nudging' the zoom balloon around, pixel by pixel (the amount can be controlled with the slider shown. The controller is needed because otherwise it's your (and mine) relatively fat fingers trying to do it all by direct touch!

Screenshot, Sozoom

The balloons can be customised in size and (here) by outline colour...

A great little PureView utility just got better. You can grab a trial version of Sozoom or buy it here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store