Microsoft's Computex hardware showcase in video form

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As we've already covered here, Microsoft has been showing off some previously unseen licensee smartphones at Computex 2014 and credit to WMPU via its YouTube channel for not only tracking down video of the keynote but also snipping out the few minutes that was most interesting to Windows Phone enthusiasts, embedded below.

Shown off in the video below are the (some models still awaiting actual retail names):

  • Yezz Billy 4.7
  • Prestigio MultiPhone 8500 DUO
  • Blu 5"
  • Wistron Tiger 6.5
  • Compal 6"
  • InFocus 5"
  • Pegatron Oasis (5")
  • Quantek (spelling?) ruggedised

Blink and you'll miss them! Of course, some of the above may not actually make it to market and most may not make it to UK and USA shores, for a start, but it's good to see the mass of prototypes from so many new entrants.

Source / Credit: WMPU