Flickr Booth gets Getty Images integration, filmstrip navigation, and much more

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Within any mobile ecosystem there are, inevitably stars. Applications which continue leaping ahead thanks to continuous effort by their developers - and Flickr Booth (née 2flicka) on Windows Phone is such an app. Major versions roll out every few weeks, each with a significant changelog - see below for a bit of a catch-up since our last news story a couple of months ago.

Here's the sizeable changelog for v2.7, since Flickr Booth v2.2, which I covered here:

  • Added Flickr blog, weekly Flickr, Getty collection and commons project to explore
  • Added search in Getty collection, commons project and photos from galleries in photo search options
  • Added ability to select the thumbnail size to the photo embed HTML code
  • Added filmstrip navigation to photo viewer to easily jump to other photos from the same context straight from the viewer
  • Added a Block user shortcut
  • Change privacy settings and permissions for selected photos to batch edit
  • Share or download selected photos to batch edit
  • Set location for selected photos to batch edit
  • Replace/append tags for selected photos to batch edit
  • Remove comments from photos, albums and groups
  • Permissions (comments and meta) to photo details editor
  • Ability to replace a photo with a different one from the device
  • Added sign in page
  • Option to copy embed HTML code to clipboard in photo viewer
  • Ability to edit an album metadata
  • Ability to add albums/galleries/users/groups information to OneNote
  • Show interesting photos instead of following if a user doesn't follow anyone
  • Updated app section names and elements to be in line with Flickr naming conventions
  • Added pull down to refresh
  • Load more items - is now easier to use (loads automatically at the end of the list, you no longer have to pull up again)
  • Added map view for single photo (from photo viewer details).
  • Replaced the location tooltip with a location indicator + location label in photo viewer details
  • Only show the map in photo viewer details if there is a location set
  • Fixed contacts loading
  • Optimized OneDrive file loading. Load the images for upload on demand instead of automatically
  • Ask for run under lockscreen when uploading photos from OneDrive (failure rate is 100% if 'run under lock' is off)
  • Added option for my stream to show only photos that are not in any albums
  • Added tooltip to the booth tab about the ability to pin most tiles
  • Added ability to pin searches to the start screen
  • Hide the search and 'where to search' fields to allow the user to see more photos when searching. Tap on the search summary brings the fields back
  • Added ability to follow/unfollow users by API

Phew! Most of the additions seemed to work as advertised, Flickr Booth is already my preferred Flickr client on any mobile platform:

Screenshot, Flickr BoothScreenshot, Flickr Booth

New is this integration with the Getty Collection on Flickr, some stunning photo examples to browse, enjoy and download....

Screenshot, Flickr BoothScreenshot, Flickr Booth

Also new is this filmstrip along the bottom of the photo viewer, making it easy to see (and navigate in) the photos either side of the current image, etc.

Screenshot, Flickr BoothScreenshot, Flickr Booth

The photo viewer retains its flexibility, with four different viewing styles, all toggle-able via a menu option....

Screenshot, Flickr BoothScreenshot, Flickr Booth

The menu now includes embed code access, with a choice of formats, for copying to your Windows Phone clipboard and then pasting into (for example) an email...

I did note that the OneDrive integration seemed flawed - even though Flickr Booth insisted I was signed in, in the Settings, the main OneDrive functions just refreshed endlessly, with no content. Still, at the rate this app gets fixed up, it won't be long before that's sorted out, I'm sure.

Highly recommended, as always. You can download Flickr Booth, now free for the immediate future, here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store