Timber now a fully mature Tinder dating aid

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Much updated over the last few months (apparently - I'm happily married!!), Timber, a commercial client for the cross-platform, Facebook-based Tinder dating service, is now seemingly mature and stable. So, if you're social and single, this might be worth a look - the dating matches are sorted by location, etc.

From the Store description:

Timber is the only fully functional Tinder client for Windows Phone.
Tinder is an online dating service which helps you find people nearby!
Application requires logging onto your facebook account securely to find people with same interests nearby. Who knows you may find The One you've been waiting for!

  • Browse photos and like/dislike by simply swiping right or left
  • Chat with people matched
  • Block unwanted users
  • Set your desired age group, distance of interest (in miles)
  • Live tile updates for new match/message

Don't feel envy of your folks with Android or iOS, this app gives similar experience on Windows Phone.

A little of Tinder, err.. I mean Timber (it's not at all clear why the 'Tinder' name wasn't used, given the preponderance of other duplicate app names in the Store!!) in action:

Screenshot, TimberScreenshot, Timber

Tinder is based on Facebook data, so if you're not on Facebook then you can't play.... And indeed, if The One isn't on Facebook either then you can't find him/her!! (right) Based on Tinder-registered Facebook users, you can action a search for possible matches....

Screenshot, TimberScreenshot, Timber

Matches can be brought up in a 'hot or not' style interface, tap on the ones you like the look of(!) and if they 'heart' you back then you can start messaging....

Screenshot, TimberScreenshot, Timber

A record is kept of all matches; (right) a conversation underway. Not sure the developer will pick anyone up with dev talk though - better chat up lines definitely needed!!

You can buy Timber here in the Store if you think all of this is right up your street!

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store