Video review of the Nokia Lumia 630

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Having reviewed the Lumia 630 here on AAWP in textual form, it's time to do the same in chatty video form, here on The Phones Show 229, embedded below, along with some quotes.

As usual with such videos, set it playing and them maximise quality and size as needed:

From the review transcript:

In terms of software, you know the drill. It’s Windows Phone 8.1 but it’s not finished yet, updates needed through 2014, yada yada. But, aside from the stubborn virtual controls, the target user won’t notice anything missing. Really. 

8.1 is a big update for the OS, with the swipe down notifications, though admittedly almost everything added is catching up to Android. Even Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Google Now and Siri, hasn’t been rolled out yet to anyone outside the USA. Patience, patience….

For new users though. the Windows Phone out-of-the-box software package is pretty unbeatable in the mobile world - with the media apps like MixRadio, the gaming integration of Xbox, the offline worldwide voice navigation and the Office/OneNote applications, all built-in and ready to go, they at least start with an awful lot of the basics.

Windows Phone's attraction for new (and less affluent) smartphone users remains as strong as ever and the Lumia 630 perhaps personifies this in 2014 budget form.

Despite the CBD disappointment and the lack of a front-facing camera for Skype, the Lumia 630 is clearly something of a 'grower' in terms of a fully functioning smartphone that you don't have to be too 'precious' about.

Source / Credit: The Phones Show