A Cyan update for the Nokia Lumia 630

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Our editorial Nokia Lumia 630 has just received an official over the air update to Windows Phone 8.1 build 8.10.12397.895, the same version that was trialled through the Developer Preview programme recently. Presumably testing has gone well and this build is stable enough to release to the masses. We're now waiting for the companion over the air rollout to come, officially, to older devices like the Lumia 1020 and 1520.

There's little here to report, of course, other than that this new build of Windows Phone added some under the hood APIs and support for newer devices (of which the 630 is one).

Lumia 630 updating its firmware

Of particular note is that the virtual Windows Phone controls on the Lumia 630 still don't have any capability to be swiped away and they still don't auto-disappear in most applications when needed, so there's clearly more to come. Watch for an update that addresses this rather fundamental issue in a month or so. 

Of course, it's possible that users in the target budget market might even be confused by controls which are there one minute and gone the next, so maybe - just maybe - there's a design decision here. But for anyone with any awareness of what's possible - or even experience of virtual controls on Android smartphones, the fixed nav bar in the Lumia 630 (at the moment) looks rather restrictive!

If you have a Lumia 630, the update should be offered automatically - if it doesn't check manually in 'settings/phone update' etc.