Windows 8.1 gets fresh Music and Video updates

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Those running Windows Phone 8.1, either on a Lumia 630 or 930, or via the Developer Preview, should note that there are further (Xbox) Music and Video application updates available today, links below. Nothing shattering, but more speed and less bugs all round.

Microsoft's updates for its Xbox Music and Video applications for Windows Phone 8.1 include:

Xbox Music version

  • It’s faster to load your collection, particularly the collection lists and artist details
  • Scrolling in your collection album and artist lists is smoother
  • While your phone is charging, the app will opportunistically sync with your cloud collection
  • Better messaging as your collection builds and syncs with the cloud
  • We also fixed a number of bugs! A few notable issues we addressed:

Xbox Video version

  • Quicker loading for personal video, movie and TV show collections
  • Expired rental downloads are now automatically cleaned up to free up disk space
  • Additional bug fixes

Here's our previous story on Xbox Music, just a couple of weeks ago - the dev team is on a very regular pace now. For a change, I ran up the Video application:


Still work to do, I think. Masses of wasted space on the first pane shown, though it's excellent to have such a quick way to resume the last video watched.... (right) many of my personal videos play perfectly under Windows Phone, yet the application fails to construct a thumbnail, which has to be a bug....