Device Hub graduates, now in Windows Phone 8.1 platform

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Back in Autumn last year, Device Hub was released by Nokia Beta Labs, but today sees the formal closure of the beta programme, along with confirmation that the application is now part of the 'Settings' app pantheon in Windows Phon 8.1. The process also offers an insight into how these modules are developed, realised and matured.

From the Beta Labs post:

device hub

Device Hub has graduated from beta status to commercial release, as it is now included in the Lumia Cyan software release as a Settings app (replacing Accessories from Windows Phone 8).  The Lumia Cyan software update has started rolling out and will be available for all Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in the coming weeks. 

The commercial release of Device Hub has many additional features compared to the beta, such as full Bluetooth discovery, “find my device”, support for many more device models such as Bluetooth LE heart rate monitors, and additional first-party Bluetooth headsets and speakers. Of course, the app quality and stability are also greatly improved thanks to the feedback gathered through this beta trial.

So a success story all round. That extra features were added late in the day and never made it into the beta at all is probably due to the need to get 8.1 out and complexities due to the Microsoft buy out of the relevant parts of Nokia - and now all the teams are effectively in one place. Will we see Beta Labs continue with the same level of activity under Microsoft? I'm not so sure.


Also notable from the text is additional confirmation that Settings entries (in the long, long list) can be added or altered by simply installing an application, e.g. from the Store. It's a flexible system (i.e. a number of core OS settings extended by app plug-ins) that works well, though many people have asked for other ways of viewing the Settings list(s), for example an option to see them in alphabetic form or as icons. Something for a future OS version, perhaps?

In the meantime, start playing with Device Hub once you get Windows Phone 8.1 inside your smartphone, and have fun connecting up to all your Bluetooth and DLNA/Wi-fi accessories.

Source / Credit: Beta Labs