Qi wireless charging to now include resonant technology, will work up to 3cm

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Anyone familiar with Qi charging will know that its range is limited to around 1cm and positioning on a charger has to be quite precise - the WPC just added to the Qi spec to include resonant charging as well, allowing distances of up to 3cm, meaning that the charging points can be better embedded in furniture and other objects. Moreover greater power transfers are supported. See the press release below...

From the WPC press release:

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the driving force and leader in the global adoption of wireless power technology, today announced significant advances to the resonant extension of the Qi specification to offer even more options to the wireless charging industry.

The integration of resonant charging into the already present inductive technology within the Qi specification gives users the option to discreetly embed wireless chargers deeper in structures, like furniture and desktops, or utilize direct-contact, low cost, surface applications. Expanding the present Qi specification assures current Qi-compatible device owners that their devices will be supported even as the specification evolves and progresses.

As wireless charging capabilities become ubiquitous in portable consumer electronics, many consumers will wish to charge all of their devices at a single location. Qi chargers have always been capable of multiple-device charging, but the latest specification revision will reduce the cost of charging multiple devices by using a single inverter. 

Along with the achievements above, the WPC member meeting saw important technical advances for the Qi specification, including:

  • Power transfer up to 30mm, compatible with today’s Qi v1.1 receivers
  • Five different member companies demonstrating charging at a distance of 45mm using prototype Qi v.1.2 receivers
  • Successful interoperability tests between existing Qi v1.1 systems and prototype v.1.2 systems
  • Approval of new low power transmitter designs to create more versatility and choice in automotive applications
  • Wireless power up to 2000 watts for kitchen applications

Qi is an open, flexible standard that is continually evolving to offer the best user experience while maintaining compatibility, and ensures seamless interoperability, regardless of manufacturer, brand or charging technique. Qi is the only standard that is already integrated into a variety of consumer products and places – from mobile devices to accessories, furniture, automobiles and airports.

So up to 4.5cm, in fact, though that's on the edge of what's possible. 2kW too - that opens up new possibilities. A week ago, I was telling a primary school assembly that 'in the future' everything would be charged wirelessly, by just putting things down in the right place. I demonstrated with a Qi pad and a Nokia smartphone. Jaws dropped and I did wonder whether I'd gone too far, but moves like this from the WPC reinforce the wireless charging vision.

For more information, visit: www.wirelesspowerconsortium.com - and see also my interview with WPC's John Perzow here.

Source / Credit: WPC