7Pass Remake hits alpha, looks good so far

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Establishing a cross-platform secure database system that includes Windows Phone has been tricky, as previously reported. However, today the first alpha of a next gen KeePassX client appeared, albeit with a truck load of caveats. Give the developer some feedback and a few more weeks and we should be in business though.

From the 7Pass developer:

I’m glad to let you know that the first preview of 7Pass Remake is now available for download from the Windows Phone Store. Those having subscribed to the Beta program will receive an email soon, with the same content as below. Just in case any Beta participant not receiving the email, you can also install using the link: http://bit.ly/7passremake. Please note that this link will only work for those joined at Beta program before today. Those missing this preview can also subscribe to be included in the next preview.

Preview version notes
  • This version cannot save changes yet. Even though the UI shows that you can change the database, there's no place in this version to save your database yet.
  • This version does not lock your database automatically.
  • This version will be removed when the next preview/final version is released.
  • Please do not use it for important data.
What's implemented
  • New user interface.
  • Add database from any location: SD card, OneDrive, or other apps that provides file picking service.
  • Tap on database's icon to perform actions: clear cached encryption key, delete.
  • Easy to use password generator.
  • Better UI for using a keyfile.
  • Filter app bar button to quickly search for entries. Also reveal option to show only entry or groups.
  • Quick password reveal: slide entry's title to the right to quickly view password.
  • Supports referenced fields.
  • Share app bar button to share title, username and password without revealing password.
  • Better support for long entry notes.
  • Supports open and share attachments
  • Better fields support
Screenshot gallery

An impressive alpha, in terms of stability and cosmetics, even if the all important save functionality isn't implemented yet. Although the focus in KeePassX on all platforms is on a standalone database of secure information, there are nods in this alpha towards web form auto-filling in too. All a bit unnecessary if you ask me - I'd rather all passwords went from 7Pass through my brain and hands, to help reinforce my memory! But maybe that's just me?

On the subject of auto-fill:
  • Web browser
    • Can only try to fill in automatically at the moment. Buttons to fill in data do not work yet.
    • Independent browser: launch browser from groups list to browse to any site and 7Pass tries to automatically match the page's title to an entry and automatically fill in username and password. However, this matching does not work as expected yet.
In addition to fixing the caveats above, the final version of 7Pass (Remake) will also feature:
  • Auto lock database.
  • Create local database, from within the app.
  • Associate with KDBX file extension to quickly add databases from other sources.
  • Create new entry from password generator.

Maybe the name needs to change too? '7Pass Remake' is old and clumsy, why not just 'KeePassX'? It's the only such client for the platform, after all?

In the meantime you can subscribe to the beta programme, to make sure you're kept informed.

Source / Credit: 7Pass blog