Nextgen Reader updates: Facebook, LinkedIn sharing, Pocket saving, facelift, and more

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Nextgen Reader is one my all-time favourite Windows Phone applications, principally as a way to keep up with my vast set of Feedly feeds while on the go, without incurring too much delay or cellular bandwidth. Last covered three months ago, there have been a stack of improvements and fixes, which I thought worth summarising here. Do note that version 6.x of Nextgen Reader is only for Windows Phone 8.1 and above - older handsets still on 8.0 will see an older version of the application in the Store.

Here then, is the summarised changelog for the brand new v6.1.933.0 since v6.1.1.2, from mid-July:

  • New: Post to Facebook page. 
  • Improved: Tap anywhere on header to open articles in a folder. 
  • Design improvements/facelift. 
  • Performance tweaks and bug fixes.
  • New: Post to LinkedIn. 
  • New: Save to Pocket with Tags. 
  • Improved: Show profile name & image in post status view. 
  • Improved: Remember toggle positions in post status view. 
  • Fixed: Live tile when folder name starts with special characters. 
  • Save article to a particular section in OneNote. 
  • Change default save location for OneNote.

In other words, progress on all fronts - I use Nextgen Reader several times a day and always come away impressed. My favourite feature is, for RSS feed entries which are just the first para or so, being able to tap the Readability icon and then open up the full article, without any bloat and still within the Nextgen Reader UI.

A few screens of interest:

Screenshot, Nextgen ReaderScreenshot, Nextgen Reader

Stories that have come in through Feedly in the last hour, summarised and then shown in the default headline view....

Screenshot, Nextgen ReaderScreenshot, Nextgen Reader

But part of the re-design has opened up other views - here's one of the illustrated headline views and how to get to it (the small menu icon near the top-right)....

Screenshot, Nextgen ReaderScreenshot, Nextgen Reader

Sharing and linking up now includes Facebook and LinkedIn. Plus Pocket and other archiving systems. (right) choosing a specific section of OneNote to save a story to....

More great updates for this top application. You can update or buy Nextgen Reader here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store