Tubecast Pro updates fix glitches, gets big AAWP recommendation

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You'll remember that the all-singing, all-dancing Chromecast and DLNA-aware YouTube player, Tubecast Pro, was reviewed by me a few months ago, rating it as powerful but with 'glitches'. It has had numerous updates in the meantime, with a sumarised changelog below.

Here's a summary of what's changed (up to v2.8.8.0) since my mini-review back in August 2014:

  • Exclusive feature : Thumbnails preview on seek bar
  • AppleTV Airplay updated -> Tubecast update
  • Live tile fixed (white) & new design with notifications
  • FAQ improved and categorized
  • Improve Spanish translation
  • New Live Tile with notification
  • Scroll to top in every list : use the arrow.
  • Application Bar list reorder
  • Best annotation integration
  • Subtitles language selection : 1 column instead of 2 columns (loading faster)
  • 3 New languages: Romanian, Ukrainian and Portuguese
  • Exclusive feature : Annotations (Beta)
  • LG TV bug finally found and fix (bad protocol implementation by LG !
  • Live tile fix (due to Youtube API change)
  • Tombstone bug fix (infinite Loading video)
  • UI improve (player icons and loading icon)
  • Memory Leak fix while casting

Plus numerous bug fixes, perhaps my main point of attention here. Previously, as I tried scrubbing backwards and forwards in a video, as I switched videos, the Chromecast's output would diverge from what Tubecast Pro was showing. Things now seem very solid:

Screenshot, Tubecast proScreenshot, Tubecast pro

Showing the new live tile (one of the usual three sizes), highlighting new content from that's recommended; (right) the main UI is as before, with a ribbon of controls down the right and with a very Google-like mini-player, bottom right, while playing something, so that you can be casting while browsing for the next thing to watch, you multi-tasker!

Screenshot, Tubecast pro

Playing a video and casting it out to my Chromecast ("steve's smart" in the screenshot above)

Screenshot, Tubecast pro

Scrubbing along the video timeline now produces this nice thumbnail effect in real time - great work by the developer, this is a great help in finding a particular spot in a YouTube video.

Great work by the developer and I can now fully recommend Tubecast Pro here in the Windows Phone Store

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store