Glance screen on the Lumia 930? Well, almost! Night Stand Clock in action....

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One of the big disadvantages with Nokia/Microsoft's choice of tech for the Lumia 930 is that the display electronics weren't Glance-screen compatible, of course. However, at least one of the main uses for Glance screen can be emulated, after a fashion, thanks to Night Stand Clock. In the bedroom or office, as long as the 930 is kept plugged into a charger, this app offers an always on display of time, day of the week and weather. With a caveat or two, naturally!

Night Stand Clock

From the Store description:

Night Stand Clock transforms your Phone into a most beautiflul home and away smart clock. This is the best designed alarm clock in the Windows Phone Store. Choose from ten stunning themes the clock like you prefer! 

-Background Alarms with build-in alarm sounds
-Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen
-Local Weather forecast

Of course, as you'll have spotted from the photo above, there's a bit of an issue in Windows Phone's insistence on lighting up the capacitive control keys on the Lumia 930 - in a dark bedroom these can be annoying. This is a similar issue to that which I ranted about here.

That aside, the application does work - it disables the usual Windows Phone screen timeout, and so stays active all the time - which is partly why you have to have the 930 plugged into a charger of some kind. 

The brightness of the display can be adjusted in very fine increments - to avoid AMOLED screen burn-in, it's best to keep it right down, but a swipe up the screen toggles on a fuller brightness temporarily, if needed.


There's a comprehensive settings panorama, with time and theme configuration, alarm set-up and weather and live tile enabling....

So, not a perfect solution, but still one worth noting for Lumia 930 (and possibly 735) owners.

You can buy or try Night Stand Clock here in the Store, or there's even a cut down 'Lite' version here, for free.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store