All ten missions now available in Guardians of the Skies combat flight sim

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The guys behind Guardians of the Skies certainly don't play well with the media - an update today to this free (and rather good) combat flight simulation sees the 'other' eight missions now available, plus a choice of difficulty settings, yet the accompanying text in the Store still refers to 'October' and things happening in the future, including beta testing. Regardless, download and enjoy and worry about the PR later!

From our original coverage:

I'm something of an old hand when it comes to flight sims, which is why I found it so easy to lay into GUARDIANS (commissioned by the Indian Air Force, apparently!) below - but temper any criticism with knowledge that the developers openly admit that this is only part of the game, with the rest due to follow in 'October'. Hopefully some of my criticisms can be addressed by then too. Still, it's free to download, it's relatively tiny, and there are no ads, so why not give it a try?

The rest is available today, it seems, here it is in action:


No longer 'Coming soon', the update brings all ten missions, each with very different objectives, scenery and feel. Note also the new 'Difficulty' slider...


In the thick of the action, attacking naval targets at night. The UI is easy, the strategy and use of weapons not quite so simple...!



Although the set-up screens are a little spartan, there's enough customisability here for everyone....

Although definitely in the 'arcade' school of flight simulation, there's something for everyone to get to grips with and to tweak according to taste, while still working through all ten missions. Comments welcome if you get very far!

You can grab Guardians of the Skies here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store