Gestures Beta shows promise, plus Lumia 735 and 930 swept under the Glance carpet

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Two things from Microsoft over the last 24 hours. Below are details of the new (beta) Gestures system, initially applying accelerometer input to controlling telephony (don't worry, there's a video). But what caught my eye was a sweeping statement from Microsoft effectively denying that the Lumia 735 and 930 even exist(!) Quote below, you'll see what I mean...

Firstly, that Gestures beta. Here's the explanatory video:

From the Store description:

With Gestures you can control some of the functionalities of your phone without touching the display. 
Our first release will enable you to control calls and silence your phone conveniently. You can:
- Answer a call by picking up your phone and putting it to you ear
- Mute your mic during a call by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing down
- Put the call on speaker by placing the phone on a flat surface with the display facing up
- Silence the incoming call ringer by flipping device display down.

You can grab Gestures Beta here in the Store if you fancy having a play - note that the budget Lumia 630, 635 and 530 can't do all this because they don't have all the necessary sensors.

This sort of accelerometer control has been used by some other smartphones in the past, but it's good to see it heading towards inclusion in Windows Phone as part of the 'Lumia' package.

Slightly disconcerting to see was Microsoft's language in the article today, also plugging the Glance Screen update that I posted about yesterday. Here's the quote (lifted from the text at 12:47 GMT today): [with my emphasis]

And what devices will get the [Glance] update?

It’s a Lumia-specific feature that’ll be compatible with devices that have a display resolution of 720p or higher. Right now, that’s the Lumia 1520, Lumia 1320, Lumia 1020, Lumia 928, Lumia 925, Lumia 920 and Lumia 830.

What? Eh? What about the 720p Lumia 735 and the 1080p Lumia 930? BOTH of which have AMOLED screens and would be perfect for Glance Screen. Look, Nokia/Microsoft, by all means admit that you messed up at the design phase in not using displays with the right electronics for Glance Screen, but please don't try to wiggle round it by claiming it's a matter of 'display resolution'. 

Because it plainly isn't. Lack of Glance Screen on the flagship 930, in particular, is one of the biggest travesties in the Windows Phone world in the last year and I'm going to continue to keep calling Microsoft and 'Nokia' out on it.

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