Mini-review: Flick Shoot 2

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Take an initially simplistic penalty shoot gameplay mechanism, add a massive dollop of freemium, polish up with graphics and sound - and you get Flick Shoot 2. What you see is what you get, quite literally. No hidden depths, just non-stop attempts on goal, made interesting by varying angles, challenges, defenders, in-goal targets and bonuses. Is it all enough? Possibly. Me? I'd rather have the real thing. That's Stickman Soccer, by the way, not the nasty rough game played in the winter cold(!)

From the Store description:

THE LEGEND IS BACK! - With 20+ million downloads, the best football/free kick game in the store is back!

BIGGER, BETTER & MORE! - Discover brand new Single Player modes, endless Missions and rewarding Mini Game with countless hours of gameplay.

ONLINE/MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGES - Play one on one matches in Multiplayer or join the Online Tournament for the ultimate challenge against real users from all around the world.

FOOTBALL AT ITS FINEST - Unique Flick shoot control, improved 3D graphics and realistic animations for the best football/free kick experience.

○ 6 different single player modes: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack, Dribbling, Practice
○ Competitive Online Modes: Multiplayer & Tournament
○ Dozens of customizable football/soccer players, jerseys, balls and shoes
○ Improved 3D graphics, animations, physics and Flick shoot control for the best free kick experience
○ Flick Shoot 2 is playable in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish!

Onto the gameplay and experience then:

Flick Shoot 2 screenshotFlick Shoot 2 screenshot

The basic idea - you're taking a shot at goal from an arbitrary point, with your way blocked by a defender and a diving goalie - hit the target for extra points...; (right) play on your own or with others online (via Facebook login) - the mini-game is another, defenderless penalty shootout, to win extra in-game money.

Flick Shoot 2 screenshotFlick Shoot 2 screenshot

As you'd expect from a game with high production values, you can change your player's football strip and even (ahem) head....! (right) the various game modes, mostly self explanatory, but all based around the goal mouth and basic set-up.

Flick Shoot 2 screenshotFlick Shoot 2 screenshot

Flicking is obviously the basic mechanism, but added curl is done by a) arcing your finger during the flick/swipe, and b) by swiping right or left once the ball is on its way... (right) in the core mode, you're given targets to hit as you progress through the levels - fall behind and it's time to pay to carry on playing or return to the last saved check point (every five levels)...

Flick Shoot 2 screenshotFlick Shoot 2 screenshot

Various missions/challenges are available to add extra interest; (right) the in-app purchase system involves buying tickets to the mini-game, in which you can win money - with the money you can buy extra time and replayabaility in the other modes, or buy extra balls with special winning powers.... you get the idea...

There's no denying the slickness on offer here, even the well balanced 'freemium' treatment. Ignore the 'Best Seller' flags above, casual Flick Shoot 2 gamers will be fine with the basic purchase, those who want many hours of playing will go for the £4.49 purchase. So a sensible level in terms of value for money, and credit to the developers for not going silly with an astronomical top end purchase.

Not bad at all, if this is your sort of thing. You can download Flick Shoot 2 here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store