Spotify's 2015 facelift

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Spotify, everyone's favourite commercial music streaming service, just got itself a facelift and 'more relevant' browsing functions. Version 5.0 is in the Store now - it's a pretty sweet free solution if all you want is music in a particular style or vein, or of course you can go premium (£10 a montn) and get any song by any artist at any time.

We last covered Spotify here, for v4.0, which introduced free streaming to the Windows Phone client. The changelog for v5.0 is summarised as:

• Spotify has a bold and beautiful new look: playing your favourite music has never looked so good.
• Your Music on Windows Phone: helps you save, organize and browse your music collection. 
• Updated Browse feature: delivering even more relevant and localized content.

With a new visual style, here are some screenshots:

Screenshot, SpotifyScreenshot, Spotify

Great to see a few illustrated 'what's new' screens, all very stylish....

Screenshot, SpotifyScreenshot, Spotify

A personalised carousel to start things off, plus all the lists and browsers you need from Spotify; (right) playback in progress, with very iOS-like gradient backgrounds...(!)

Screenshot, SpotifyScreenshot, Spotify

Any playing music stays in a banner at the bottom while you browse the rest of the UI; (right) looking through the various moods and other playlists. Something for everyone?

Screenshot, SpotifyScreenshot, Spotify

Even the playlists have sub-playlists, there's surprising depth; (right) you also get surprising music, it's a great discovery service.

An attractive update for a core Windows Phone third party application. You can grab Spotify here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store