The Windows Phone Facebook client's year of 'improvements'

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A year ago, we last reported on improvements to the official Facebook client for Windows phone and, indeed, looking at the summarised changelog below, it seems that 'improvements' is again the best way to summarise things, with several minor updates throughout the year, culminating in a stable release a couple of days ago. Mind you, it's a.... Facebook client. What more do you want?(!)

Since our previous story, here's a summarised change log to take the client up to the latest v8.3.5.0 (this is what's reported on the phone, though bizarrely the Store reports, which is surely wrong?):

  • improvements to the news feed and 'Top Stories' news feed.
  • fixes for People Hub content (as with the recent Twitter update, some social updates are again shown in the People application).
  • fixes to address user-created stories not being shown
  • fixes to address issues with duplicate stories
  • fixes to address issues with 'Recent Activity' stories
  • the ability to view sticker comments
  • improvements to feed resiliency and navigation
  • UI fixes to the light theme
  • fixes to notification navigation
  • performance improvements

Nothing earth shattering then, and most content is server-driven, of course, but it's good to see the client constantly being bumped forwards, even if programmed by Microsoft rather than by Facebook itself.

Screenshot, FacebookScreenshot, Facebook

Lock screen support is great to see, but I wasn't letting it near mine (weather is more important to me than someone else's lunch!); (right) the news feed looking pretty clean - and there's a familiar name popping up....!

Screenshot, FacebookScreenshot, Facebook

Plenty of options to tweak, plus that controverial version number - I do wish Microsoft would make up its mind etc!

You can download Facebook for Windows Phone (in the unlikely event that it's not already on your device) here in the Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store