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Following on from Archery Tournament comes another free physics-based, one-swipe sports game, this time focussing on tossing basketballs into ever awkwardly angled and distant baskets. Trust me, it's an addictive casual game and surprisingly glossy, considering the free price tag.

From the Store description:

Discover this top free basketball game with endless ranking and tournament modes, great performance, and amazing features!

- Intuitive and super precise aiming, feels like realistic basketball, easy and addictive controls, fun gameplay
- Multiple basketball locations with awesome 3D graphics
- Great sound and visual effects to complement the real basketball feel
- Tournament basketball mode with 4 preset tournaments you can play with up to 8 human or computer players to figure out who's the best
- Tournament Editor, to make your own customized tournaments!
- Endless basketball ranking mode, best the highscores with revolutionary checkpoint endless system
- Completely free, fully featured realistic basketball sports game for every age.

Intuitive controls, realistic physics, multiple basketball locations and play modes make this one of the best basketball games on mobile.

What's the catch? There doesn't seem to be one. No ads, no fees, just a fun and attractive game to while away moments waiting in line or on public transport. Here's Basketball Tournament in action:

Basketball Tournament screenshotBasketball Tournament screenshot

The two main game modes are both 'local', i.e. you're playing against your own high scores ('ranking') or against AI players ('tournament') - in the latter, you get a chance (right) to customise every last aspect, from setting to number of shots and distance, etc.

Basketball Tournament screenshotBasketball Tournament screenshot

Gameplay is by swiping upwards and to the side (if needed) with just the right amount of velocity to propel the ball into the net - it's realistic, especially the way the ball bounces off/round the ring...; (right) working your way up the ranking ladder includes checkpoints so that when you fail you don't have to go right back to the start each time!

Basketball Tournament screenshotBasketball Tournament screenshot

The graphical settings are well done, even if the onlookers never ever move! (right) Ooh, a new high score on the ladder!

Basketball Tournament screenshotBasketball Tournament screenshot

Progressively the difficulty rises, with distant baskets, as here, and odder angles - and hundreds of onlookers - no pressure, then?! (right) 'Sing in'? Eh? A rare typo in this otherwise professionally made game.

You can grab Basketball Tournament here, it's a free download and great fun.

(Hat nod to WMPU)

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store