Nextgen Reader gains UC Browser, Tubecast app links, new options

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Nextgen Reader is one my all-time favourite Windows Phone applications, principally as a way to keep up with my vast set of Feedly feeds while on the go, without incurring too much delay or cellular bandwidth. Last covered four months ago, there have been a stack of improvements and fixes. Do note that version 6.x of Nextgen Reader is only for Windows Phone 8.1 and above - older handsets still on 8.0 will see an older version of the application in the Store.

New for the current v6.3 of Nextgen Reader are:

  • Open links in UC Browser
  • Open YouTube videos in Tubecast app
  • Open Folders as list of feeds or list of articles
  • Easily change open method i.e. tap the three dots and select "load full article for this feed"

Plus 'many other improvements and bug fixes'.

Nextgen Reader screenshotNextgen Reader screenshot

Worth promoting again just how many services and accounts Nextgen Reader ties into.... (right) the new YouTube and browsing app options....

Nextgen Reader screenshotNextgen Reader screenshot

A simple example, but a 'Nokia' folder here, with one feed in it, opened to show a new story; (right) on the menu is 'load full article for this feed' (or 'summary', if this is already turned on), i.e. you can have each feed presented in a different mode, if needed.

More great updates for this top application. You can update or buy Nextgen Reader here in the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store