Blues Guitar Lessons - from beginner to Bonamassa on your Windows Phone!

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From the makers of Tubecast Pro comes this professional set of blues guitar lessons, video-centric as you might expect. It's terrifically well done though, breaking the learning and practice exercises into multiple parts. There's full music scores too, though these aren't essential for working your way through all the different licks and patterns.

From the Store description:

  • Pentatonic licks & tricks
  • Eric Clapton, SRV, BB King, and Robert Johnson style...
  • 16 lessons in the Lite version 
  • 55 lessons in the Complete version without ad (available on the market or in-app at a great price) 
  • 110 Videos HD (230MB): Slow down, Zoom 
  • 55 progressive lessons, simple, clear with good advice from your teacher 
  • 55 Graphics and tabs in full screen: maximum understanding 
  • Bottleneck and open tuning in Delta Blues 
  • High-speed progression and results. Become a good and versatile blues guitarist. 
  • Your teacher: Franck Graziano: professional guitarist (Guitar Part magazine, Guitar Pro), graduate teacher of State. 
  • Download all videos in 5min (Wifi) or one after the other.

For me, as someone who plays a mean rhythm guitar but who has been struggling to get to grips with blues, this application seems pitched about right. The first 16 lessons are free and take you from absolute beginner to playing very simple 'licks', then the rest of the application (levels 2 to 4) take you way beyond into replicating what some of the blues masters do, at least in terms of commonly used licks and techniques.

The videos are downloaded when needed or you can simply grab the lot for playing offline later on, if needed. This, plus the trial/commercial split, are both very well thought out.


The main tutorial UI - a short video clip, looped so that you don't have to keep pressing 'play' over and over again, with detail down below (whether text, stave, tablature or finger diagrams). Note also the option to play at half speed (and zoomed in) so that you can learn better what the instructor is doing; (right) getting started with the very first  exercises for beginners.


The welcome option to download all the video resources up front and save on bandwidth later (if needed); (right) some of the more advanced lessons - good to see Bonamassa in there!


Where appropriate finger positioning charts are used instead of musical staves - and there's always a plain English description of what's being done. And yes, you can go full-screen on the video in landscape mode if needed, in order to see the action better.

You can grab the LITE (trial) version here or the full version here in the Store. £1.89 is a steal for the amount of content here, if you're wanting some blues ideas and tuition. Yes, there are a ton of blues tutorials on YouTube 

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store