Dropbox hits the big 2.0, becomes more flexible

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Dropbox's official Windows Phone client, which went 'universal' back in January, has been receivng more attention from Rudy and team - version 2.0 is a slicker beast altogether, see the detailed changelog below. A must-have for any Windows Phone user, this client will see you saving to the cloud, sharing files with others, auto-backing up, and so on. Oh hang on, you can do all that in OneDrive too....(!) Still, Dropbox existed first and there are lots of people still relying on it, meaning that the updated client is still very worthwhile.

Here's my original story from January, talking about the release as a true 'universal' Windows application. And here's the changelog for this new v2.0:

  • Now adapts properly to different screen sizes
  • Uploads possible for files other than photos
  • Select multiple files for upload
  • Download files directly to your device or SD card
  • Save or open files to and from Dropbox within other phone apps
  • Ability to select phone contacts when inviting people to  shared folder
  • Improved download speeds
  • Bug fixes

A few screens of the new version in action, to wet your appetite:

Screenshot, Dropbox 2.0Screenshot, Dropbox 2.0Screenshot, Dropbox 2.0

The main UI, which hasn't changed much at first inspection; uploading now includes this choice, files of any type can be sourced from OneDrive or from the phone's (limited) file system; inviting people in my People contact store to a Dropbox shared folder....

This even slicker and free (and official) Dropbox client, this is to be welcomed, especially if you have a wealth of content in the service already, archived from other devices and platforms. You can grab Dropbox for free in the Store here.