Early days for Fenice for Twitter

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Another Twitter client for Windows Phone. You'll remember that I did a comprehensive round-up? Well, there's another for the pot: 'Fenice for Twitter', which is pretty enough but it's still early days and the UI and functionality can't match the likes of Tweetium. Still, there are some screens, description and a link below if you fancy grabbing it.

From the Store description:

Fenice is a full-featured Twitter app for Windows designed to offer the best Twitter experience to every user (pro or casual ones)

  • What You See Is What You Get when composing a tweet
  • Predictive HashTag suggestions
  • Text Snippets
  • Pin the Tweet Page to start to quickly tweet without opening the full app
  • Memes are everywhere. Add them to your tweets from the app
  • Add tweets to your Pocket account
  • Listen to SoundCloud music from tweets without leaving the app
  • Create and manage your lists
  • Powerful filters: mute hashtags, Clients and Users
  • Create and manage drafts 

In use it's all a bit basic compared to the competition, but hey, it's early days and the more Twitter clients the merrier! Here's a brief walkthrough:

Fenice screenshotFenice screenshot

I loved the start up settings pane, with the most important parameters set up before you even see the main UI; (right) Fenice is very Windows 10-ish in layout and fonts - so far, so impressive!

Fenice screenshotFenice screenshot

However, the depth of functionality is shallower than you might think, with (e.g.) no support for embedded videos here and (right) an uninspired separate pane for dealing with or responding to individual tweets.

Fenice screenshotFenice screenshot

The UI shows promise overall though - the clear tabs along the bottom are a departure from the Windows Phone norm but do work well and never jarred; (right) the extensive main settings panorama, including setting up mute filters...

Fenice for Twitter is commercial software, but there's a 24 hour trial version, so you can take it for a spin.

Note that there's no background agent on Windows Phone, so there's a short wait each time you go back into Fenice, while new tweets are gathered. I'll add Fenice into my main comparison feature once it's had a few more updates and is mature.

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