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Following on from the Star Trek LCARS interface on the classic 'Star Trek' strategy game (keep up at the back), there's now an LCARS interface on core Windows Phone applications, all fully functioning. OK, so you might not stick with this day to day, but it's sure as heck a way to impress Trekkies down the pub, sound effects and all...

From the application description:

LCARS Interface is an application that features a beautiful design inspired by the futuristic computers that were first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Filled with great visuals, sound effects, and animations to make the experience as engaging as possible! Each module can be pinned to the Start screen for easy access!

LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)

The opening screen is somewhat static, but you can customise the name and image in Settings; (right) the main LCARS UI with default theme...

LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)

Web is an LCARS-themed shell over Internet Explorer, but still cool to see.... (right) 'Ebook Viewer' is exactly what you expect, though with a relatively narrow range of formats supported...

LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)

'Atmosphere' turns out to be a weather utility(!), with daily and 5-day forecasts. Hang on a minute, do they have weather in space? (right) the calculator module is fully working too, in simple and scientific forms.

LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)

The 'Tricorder' mode is just a compass utility, but the range of bleeps and sounds is impressive ,as you wave it around, exploring alien worlds (etc.); (right) the Clock function includes an 'Auto Destruct' timer, complete with sound effects and audio confirmations, as seen in the show. Disappointingly, at the end there's just a sound effect and a message. At the every least, the app should have terminated. Or the phone turned off!

LCARS for WP screenshot (Star Trek)

There's a camera utility included too, with futuristic viewfinder, digital zoom and working image capture. And no, I've no idea what those two white arrows are indicating....

In addition to the functions shown, you can customise LCARS with the name of your 'ship' (no, really) and a wide choice of LCARS themes, plus the main mini-apps can each be pinned to your phone's Start screen. Understandably, given what we know about Windows Phone, there's no way to set LCARS *as* your main interface to the phone, or tie it to the Start control, but hey... it's just a piece of fun at the end of the day!

The utility is a dollar in the Store here. I had a few issues on the test Lumia 1020, I do get the impression that there are some bugs to iron out, but just as long as they're fixed by the time I launch from Space Dock on the USS Litchfield...

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