AT&T in the USA still claiming to have the Lumia 950 first, on Friday

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I'd been taking this story with a pinch of salt, but AT&T is persisting in claiming that they'll have the Lumia 950 this Friday, November 20th, in Stores (with orders taken as early as tomorow, the 17th, online). This is a good week (or more) before any other world supplier I've heard of, so it's all a little odd. We still haven't had what is claimed to be the release build of Windows 10 Mobile even seen by Insiders yet, so it won't have been remotely battle-hardened - is AT&T really going to take a gamble this early? We do have a New Yorker on the ground, so we'll see come the end of the week...

From the AT&T post today:

AT&T will be the first U.S. carrier to offer the Microsoft Lumia 950, on Nov. 17 online at, and on Nov. 20 in its retail stores nationwide. It brings “PC-like” power and entertainment to the palm of your hand. You can use the device to get more done faster on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network2 with the strongest LTE signal.

There's more here, repeating the 950's specs.

AT&T screenshot

Also somewhat strange is that the US carrier isn't offering the 950 XL, the real flagship. It all feels a little like AT&T negotiated a week's (or even a fortnight's) exclusive on the 950, a date was set and then everything's been based on that, whether the firmware is ready or not. I know that many Windows 10 components can be updated via the Store, but the core OS still has its share of small niggles. Anyway, watch this space for Insiders Build 10586, which will be as close as we're going to get to the OS on the Friday Lumia 950 over in the USA.

Source / Credit: AT&T