The imminent Lumia 950 XL falls again, now down to £465 (inc VAT)

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We don't post links to every special offer, but I couldn't resist yet another pointer to a big fall in price for the Lumia 950 XL, the one that I reckon most people will want, which just fell yet another £15 on Amazon UK, so it's now £465 all-in, £35 less than the original launch price for the cheaper sister device, the Lumia 950. Amazingly. Although it's tempting to view all these price drops negatively, I reckon it's just Microsoft and others realising the reality of the current market - the 950 XL at £465 is far more tempting than its original price of nearer £550.

In fact, I fully expect the Lumia 950 to be £399 within a couple of weeks and the 950 XL will be £449, at which prices they have a fighting chance of attracting interest from more than just Windows Phone fans and geeks.

Here are the links you need anyway:

And, lest you not believe me, screenshot proof:

Lumia 950 XL


The Lumia 950 is also now cheaper too, with a £10 drop since the last time we covered it, at £420 inc VAT - but it's the XL that you'll almost certainly be more interested in, I think.

Given that they haven't actually shipped any units yet, all of these 'drops' are rather artificial, of course, but from a consumer (and AAWP reader)'s point of view, it's good news all the way home from the bank.