Sign up to a OneDrive 100GB/200GB plan before Christmas, while they're still offered!

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So... about those OneDrive storage plans that are being shelved in 2016? The 100 and 200GB plans, which are going away next year and being replaced with a smaller, worse value 50GB plan? I thought it worth emphasising again that existing, repeat existing users of these plans won't be affected. Which means that the right time to sign up to a OneDrive storage plan is now, while they're still offered and while the 'Buy' buttons are still active. Obviously, I have no idea as to how long these will remain available - I'm guessing weeks, maybe a month or two at most, but either way now would be a good time to evaluate what you think you'll need next year and take action. Come 2016, it's not just a question of money (though value for money will be half what it currently is), it's a question of capacity - there will BE only the 50GB tier, short of taking out the full Office 365 subscription and getting the full Terabyte.

Now it's not confirmed exactly what the cost per month (in UK currency) will be for the new 50GB plan - but I'll bet it's £1.99, the same as the current cost for 100GB. Which, as I say, is still available:


Ignore my total storage, by the way, that's because I grabbed Office 365 with the Lumia 640 launch earlier in the year. What's important is that the two existing tiers are still available, and reasonably priced - grab 'em while you can.

Ultimately, of course, Microsoft wants as many people to be on Office 365 as possible - and on recurring credit card subscriptions. Which is why it has made the system such relatively good value - £60 a year at the moment for personal use or £80 for a household. It's also worth noting that Microsoft is planning to offer a free initial year of Office 365 to any OneDrive users affected by the stripping back to 5GB for free in 2016 - though it remains to be seen just how this will get announced and how it will work.