PocketNow's 950 XL verdict a big 'no' - or at least 'not yet'

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Rather echoing my own frustrations from this morning, Michael Fisher, one of the rare American tech reviewers that I've come to trust, delivers his video verdict on the Lumia 950 XL. In summary, he was impressed by most of the hardware but left very unimpressed by how unfinished Windows 10 Mobile is.

Although we'd agree with most of the criticisms below, I should note that he seemed a bit confused by broken app entries in the Store - as seasoned AAWP readers you and I will recognise that some applications are shown as spanning Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 on the desktop, when in fact they don't work on all three. So we just ignore the app (for now) and move on. But Michael's right, of course, this is a Store issue and these applications shouldn't even be SHOWN if they're not in fact compatible with the device the Store is running on.

I'd also note that the creaks in the back that he complained about can be solved with the replacement with a Mozo back. Microsoft really should put a voucher for one of these in every box.

Anyway on with his video review, as usual, maximise the window and quality if your bandwidth can stand it:

Michael summarises the 950 and 950 XL as 'reference hardware for a platform that might be ready some time in 2016', which is a little harsh, but I can see what he means - I've referred to the 950 range several times on the AAWP podcast as being akin to the Nexus devices on Android. As with the Nexus range, you buy it because you want hardware that's future proof and software that's cutting edge, warts and all. But knowing that it'll get better in time as the OS gets polished.

And he's right, regular users probably shouldn't buy the 950 or 950 XL - yet. At least, until well after Christmas.

Source / Credit: YouTube